About WHG.Net

WHG are the most trusted and experienced
Wholesaler of Hydroponic Equipment in Australia

Three Australian hydroponics wholesalers and manufacturers, Way To Grow, Hydraspher and Growhard Australia have come together to create WHG.Net. We boast several of Australia’s best and most popular products within the hydroponics industry including Monsta Bud, Ozi Tonic, Professional COCO, Nutriponics, Bud Juice, Nutriboost and PHRESH filters just to name a few.

WHG.Net was created to help meet consumer demands within the hydroponics market for a higher quality of service, and products that are tested, designed and used by Australia's to meet the diverse and often tough Australian conditions and standards. We aim to provide only the most reliable and highest quality hydroponics nutrients and hardware supplies. We run extensive tests across our entire nutrient range and hardware equipment, before they are released to you to help ensure we only provide you with the best.