Our Hydroponics Policy

WHG.Net aims to provide only the most reliable and highest quality
hydroponic nutrients and hardware supplies. We run extensive tests
across our entire nutrient range and hardware equipment, before they
are released to you to help ensure we only provide you with the best.

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A Little About WHG

Three Australian hydroponics wholesalers and manufacturers, Way To Grow, Hydraspher and Growhard Australia have come together to create WHG.Net. We boast several of Australia’s best and most popular products within the hydro...

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What is Hydroponics?

It's commonly believed that the earliest known use of hydroponic techniques begun around 600 B.C. within the mysterious Hanging Gardens of Babylon, where freshly oxygenated water rich with nutrients was used to grow plants without soil and hydroponics was born. However it wasn't until the 1940's that hydroponics got its modern name when Dr. William Gericke perfected his hydroponic techniques, and decided to give them a name, combining the Greek words 'hydros' (water) and 'ponos' (working) into one word.

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